Iraqi forces liberate university of Mosul

Iraqi forces have managed to retake Mosul University as part of their full-scale offensive to push back ISIS terrorist group from their major stronghold in the country, Iraqi sources reported.

  • Date: 2017/01/15
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Iraqi forces liberate university of Mosul

Iraqi Counter Terrorism forces have fully liberated the Mosul University

VON PRESS Middle East: Military forces have been attempting to retake the city - the last major ISIS stronghold in Iraq - since October.

Iraqi officials said the ISIS terrorist group had used laboratories in the university complex to make chemical weapons.

The head of the country's counter-terrorism operations said retaking the area was a significant victory.

"This great scientific and cultural building was liberated by the heroes," Lt Gen Talib Shaghati, said. "The liberation of the University of Mosul means much, given its cultural, social and human symbolism."

Elite troops had entered the compound on Friday as part of a major push into new territory.

Iraqi military officials claim they now control a large majority of the city's eastern half.

They also control three of the five key bridges crossing the river Tigris, which divides Mosul in two.

The bridges were targeted by coalition air strikes in October with the aim of limiting the ability of ISIS to resupply or reinforce their positions in the east.

The campaign began in October, but got off to a slow start in the face of tough ISIS defense and counter-attacks.

But significant gains along the river may open up western Mosul, which is still under ISIS control, to Iraqi forces seeking to advance.


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