In the world today, many news networks look biased towards news broadcasting. Thus, the main role of media is to promote people’s awareness and present them an impartial view of events. Voice of Nations Press, known as VON with the URL of: has been established to fulfill this purpose. Like many other news agencies and media of the Islamic Republic of Iran, VON reviews worlds most important news in different fields, looking deeply into events from various angles.

VON goals could be described as follows:  correct interpretation of issues, realistic and unbiased analysis of social problems, and reflection of contents on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Whats app, etc.… to create different campaigns so as to inform different nations in the world.

The website covers news in three Languages, including English, Arabic and Spanish.

Editorial board of VON Press consists of five main desks:

1) America desk: North America, Latin America, South America, and the United States. 

2) Europe desk: Countries of Eastern Europe, western and central parts with particular attention on UK, Russia, France and Germany.

3) The Middle East desk: The Persian Gulf and Middle East countries as well as war zones like Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, and Afghanistan.

4) Asia desk: China, Japan, North Korea, and Indian subcontinent.

5) Africa desk: All countries of North Africa, Central, South and the Horn of Africa.

Additionally, VON press includes many other sections:

Channels: Scrutinizes human right violation in western countries, terrorism, war crimes and related issues around the world.

TV &videos: Offers a wide variety of clips.

Monthly magazine: consists of monthly important analyses.


As the name implies, this section investigates the most important events (developing stories) in the world such as: 9/11 attacks, 2015 Paris attacks and Mina disaster.

Voices/Opinions: Provides different views, and sensible conclusions by experts and professionals.

Features/Reports: Gives a written account of events that one has observed, heard, done, or investigated.

Photo Galley


Tourism: introducing the most attractive and famous places in the world.

And the news of 15 important states in the world.


VON Press - Editorial Board


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